Friday, April 19, 2024

ANOINTING THE SICK #211 ~ Sleep In Rictus Horror


Anointing The Sick is let out to play on Halo of the Goat Radio to present just over an hour of your favourite type of music. This week the label spotlight shines on Ripple Music with three tracks from Appalooza  Blood Lightning and Hippie Death Cult while, on the other end of the scale your worst nightmare comes true in the form of grim sludgsters Stomach.

This week check out tracks from~

Cult Burial

20 Watt Tombstone

Display Of Decay


Occult Hand Order

Lord Volture


Blood Lightning

Hippie Death Cult


Mother Magnetic

The Magpie



Anointing The Sick plays on Halo of the Goat Radio~ This show starts every Saturday @ 2pm mst/3pm cst/4pm est 9pm uk listen here or here

Thursday, April 18, 2024

CANNABUS ~ Other Side EP (2024)


2023's 'The Maple Spliff Sessions' was one of my top 12 albums of that year. I loved the fuzz, the groove, the reverb and wah, it was everything you'd want in a stoner record, so when I was given the opportunity to listen to the band's new EP I was both excited but slightly nervous, I mean, 'The Maple Spliff Sessions' is a tough act to follow. Well I'm happy to report that 'Other Side' has exceeded my expectations and then some. It's all there, fuzz, groove, reverb and wah but with a more cantankerous edge. The fuzz is still thick  but edged with barbs, pierced by blazing reverb and wah both shrieking in agony. 

With 'The Maple Spliff Sessions' Cannabus was a band born of lava lamps and bell bottoms, a (Canna)bus ride through sun and surf but 'Other Side' leaves those bell bottoms stained and the journey has taken a turn through darker landscapes.  

ANOINTING THE SICK #210 ~ Nocturnal Nightmares


Your worst nightmare is about to happen as the latest Anointing The Sick Show creeps out from Halo Of The Goat Radio. It's been festering for a week so it's now a congealed quagmire featuring the following awesome bands.

The Answer Lies In The Black Void
Patriarchs In Black
The Band Repent
On Thorns I Lay
For My Sins

Anointing The Sick plays on Halo of the Goat Radio~ This show starts every Saturday @ 2pm mst/3pm cst/4pm est 9pm uk listen here or here

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

FIREBLOOD ~ Hellalujah (2024)

Fireblood is a new band featuring members of Occult Fracture that has recently released a scabrous EP called Hellalujah consisting of four tracks slick with congealed grease. The no frills, hard hitting, clunky riffs easily loosen the neck muscles, enabling the listener to bang their head with wild abandon to the sludge leaden groove.

Monday, April 8, 2024

ANOINTING THE SICK DIRTY 30 ~ Sludge Playlist Volume 3


Anointing The Sick pays homage to sludge on Halo of the Goat Radio with the third special edition, non curated playlist. Mainly featuring the more obscure bands of the genre, expect plenty of feedback, growls and Osmium encased riffs.

Bands Featured ~

Abest                     ~  Through The Veins (Molten Husk) 2022

Bagger                   ~  Fear Bearer (Demo) 2020

Cache                     ~  Fentanyl & Friends (Cache) 2023

Dark Poetry            ~  Reborn (Specimen) 2020

Earthblood              ~  Sons Of Heavy Rain (Witchburner) 2024

Fallof Efrafa           ~  The Burial (Inle) 2009

Gallo de Riña          ~  Blank ( Vacaciones) 2002

Hair Puller              ~  Herd (Last Light) 2016

Iced Out                   ~  Space Mountain (Man's Ruin) 2015

JAIL                         ~  Shadow Of The Witch (Crossroads) 2018

Kalpa                        ~  Cross Sections (A Grand Misconception) 2019

Lähdön Aika            ~  Inertia (II) 2015

Magnitudo                ~  Monument ( Scotoma ) 2023

The Naut                   ~  Leeches ( The Yellow CD) 2004

Obolus                       ~  Kyklopernas Grift (Obolus) 2020

Palehorse                   ~  Bird Feed (Harm Starts Here ) 2013

Raging Speedhorn     ~ Knives & Faces (Live & Demos ) 2007

Saat                             ~ Old Ways To Have A Party (Saat) 2016

Tarasque                     ~ Karoshi (Innen/Aussen) 2018

Uhna                           ~ Falling (Demo) 2014

Vagina Witchcraft       ~ Alvvays (Vagina Witchcraft)2020

Walk Through Fire     ~ Genom Sår ( Till Aska) 2024

Yellowtooth                   ~ 75 Black Pontiac (Disgust) 2012

ZOROASTER               ~ The Book (Dog Magic) 2007

Abolition A.D                ~ Ouroboros ( After Death, Before Chaos) 2014

Ballard - EH                 ~ Nacer, vivir, morir en el mismo lugar (Nacer, vivir, morir en el mismo lugar) 2018

Cantharone                   ~ Ashore Alone (Sons Of The Crow) 2015

dark tharr                      ~ Endless Void (Dark Tharr) 2013

Eat The Dark                ~ Egrecious Path (Lord Muc) 2017

The Fall Of Mammoth ~Tuman (Tcsinga) 2013

ANOINTING THE SICK #208 ~ Entrails Of Corruption


Embrace the Sickness with the Anointing The Sick Show spreading corruption among the unhallowed halls of Halo Of The Goat Radio. There's plenty of death and thrash t0 loosen those neck muscles and damage the eardrums. The filth pit has spewed forth the usual horrors, this time in the form of Seraphic Entombment. It's also a great pleasure to play the single from a new ep by Cannabus whose previous release 'The Maple Spliff Sessions' was one of my top albums of 2023.

Tickle your tinnitus tonight with tracks from ~

Arborescence of Wrath



Blessed Curse


Sadistic Force

Acid Blade


Seraphic Entombment


Mondo Generator


Thunder Volt


Dead Sun

Anointing The Sick plays on Halo of the Goat Radio~ This show starts every Saturday @ 2pm mst/3pm cst/4pm est 9pm uk listen here or here

ANOINTING THE SICK #207 ~ A Dire Offering

Embrace The Sickness with The Anointing The Sick Show 'A Dire Offering'which slithers from the filth pit that is Halo Of The Goat Radio to deliver offerings of dire consequences to all who listen. The usual carnage ensues with some tasty jams among the decimation. The showpiece track is one of the most bleak and hateful tracks in my collection. It eventually descends into an insane schizo maelstrom, beware of this one. I've also included tracks from albums that you can get NYP on Bandcamp.

Offerings of dire consequences are delivered by ~

Blame Zeus

Rat King


Helms Deep



Iron Savior

Iron Tongue

Black Toast




Anointing The Sick plays on Halo of the Goat Radio~ This show starts every Saturday @ 2pm mst/3pm cst/4pm est 9pm uk listen here or here