Tuesday, February 22, 2022

DEATHRATTLE PODCAST - Dirty Dozen (Jan 2022)

 Deathrattle Podcasts 12 'Best Of' albums for January 2022

DESCENT - Order Of Chaos

5 piece HM2 inspired Swedish Death metal band from Brisbane, Australia

DRUID LORD - Relics Of The Dead

Wisely sticking to the same formula as its celebrated predecessor - lurching-tank riffs, lurking-dread atmosphere, completely skull-crushing production - here do DRUID LORD render their third album a more concise counterpart that, somehow, also finds them at their doomiest.

HAZEMAZE - Blinded By The Wicked

DOOM ROCK since 2016.

NOCTURNAL GRAVES - An Outlaw's Stand

Nocturnal Graves sound the charge with their venomous new offering, ‘An Outlaw's Stand.’ Coalescing the nastiest and rawest elements of death, thrash, and black metal, the Australian outlaws’ brand of apocalyptic metal explodes like an atom bomb, leaving utter devastation in its path. The relentless onslaught of pure brutality makes one thing clear – Long live death!


The band make a blend of Stoner rock, Heavy Metal and Southern Rock.

WEAPONRY - Everwinding Slaughter

1st album by this band formed by Jo Steel (ICE WAR/ APHRODITE) & Dave Rotten (AVULSED/ HOLYCIDE) where they play a dirty, intense and savage Death/ Crust full of catchy riffs and relentless tempo. Influences may come from bands like COMECON, DOOM, NIHILIST, DISCHARGE, AUTOPSY, EXTREME NOISE TERROR, MASTER, UNCURBED…


Groove-laden, riff-drenched, psychedelic heavy blues.

NIGHT HAG - Phantasmal Scourge

With “Phantasmal Scourge”, gluey, mid-paced pummeling segues into faster paced, bone crushing heaviness in the kind of drooling caveman drubbing you’d expect from Coffins or Cianide. 

SUNCZAR - Bearer of Light

A groove metal soundtrack
to conquer the world to

NOISECULT - Seraphic Wizard

Noisecult: heavy rock band from Nashville, TN, often categorized as 70's stoner metal like Black Sabbath, Motorhead, High on Fire and Orange Goblin.


Our ears are honed to that of a canine and possess the animal magnetism of a lion...A roaring lion with a large coarse mane, we captivate our audiences like a black demon cobra.

THOU SHALT NOT - Sanctuary of the Vile

Cleveland death metal.

Monday, February 21, 2022

KYLMYYTEEN ~ Yö istui viereeni (2022)

Another funeral doom project from the guys of Hiljaisuus vajoaa, along similar lines but keeping the experimental side of things at arms length. I've just finished listening to this huge four tracker back to back and I feel like I've spent an eternity of loneliness.

Yö istui viereeni ( The Night Sat Beside Me ) the new album from Finnish band Kylmyyteen has to be one of the most morose albums I've heard in years, guitars weep in anguish, drum and bass form a rhythm section of abject sorrow, the four long and extremely slow tracks melded by heartache and a longing for the ultimate finality of consciousness. Abyssal riffs heave themselves through the gloom, swathed in dejection.

Yö istui viereeni is more of a wake than an album, revelling in the pain of endless grief  and eternal loss and I'll put it up against any of the classic albums of this genre for the sheer sense of foreboding it exudes. 


Saturday, February 12, 2022

HELDSCALLA ~ Fog Creatures Of Antiquity (2022)

A new stoner doom album where each track drags you from a dream state into your worst nightmare before lowering you back into diminished consciousness, broken and crushed. Each song is long and slow but never monotonous, riffs are weighty, punctuated by sprawling psychedelic passages that hint at 'post doom' influences.

'Fog Creatures Of Antiquity' by Heldscalla, a highlight of the month so far.