Tuesday, June 11, 2019

LITTLE BOY LOST ~ Jaunt (2019)


Little Boy Lost is a band that bubbles under the surface in the stoner circles I usually inhabit, in part, I think, to the alternative rock tag associated with this Italian 3-piece, but don't be deceived because among the punkish, alt rock riffs, beats a huge stoner heart. However, don't expect the wasted, slacker, laid back approach of the classic Fu Manchu school of stoner sounds, instead 'Jaunt' is chock full of attitude along the lines of later Gonga (listen to the track Total Lazsio).

The thing I really like about this band's releases is that they keep you engaged throughout. Little Boy Lost is an interesting experience, the band never keeping to a single formula and will often drift off into pastures new be it Nirvana type grunge,  dabbling in a little psychedelic melody, or heaving out the off doom riff here and there.

Bandcamp is a treasure trove and we should be eternally grateful of the concept, but don't blindly follow the tagging system, be brave and follow your instincts like I did. Its the best way of discovering gems that might never have seen the light of day in your music collection, treasure such as Little Boy Lost are waiting to be unearthed!

Favourite track ~ The opening track 'Penetration' it has a driving beat, tantric vocals and thick, warm sound. Possibly the truest stoner track on the album.

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