Tuesday, July 30, 2019

BEASTWOOD ~ The Long Road To Ho EP 2019

BEASTWOOD ~ The Long Road To Ho

"Music that should be played during every every Patrick Swayze bar fight" ~ Beastwood

After a six year gap since 'Alabama Space Witch' Beastwood are back, kicking in the saloon bar doors, chest beating and looking for a fight.

'The Long Road To Ho' the bands third release is loud, brash and not just soaked in whiskey, but drowning in the stuff. Barrel chested, drunk riffs, throw bruising hooks that'll get your ears ringing with every slap to the head. 

'The Long Road To Ho' is a slight departure from the NOLA style sludge of 'Alabama Space Witch, leaning more toward a 'Clutch' sound, but this allows this EP to become looser and more belligerent, leaning right in your face spraying it  in sour mash and tobacco tainted spittle.

'The Long Road To Ho' is actually the first instalment of two EP's, the second to be released in October called 'No Way Home' and the band promises that it will be darker and heavier still, a point I can concur with after listening to a track from it. So until the second EP is released, you'll have to contend with this drunken  hooligan of an ep.

For those interested and who feel an odd tingling in the loins, the cover model is Miss Wyoming, Blake, the guitarist.

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