Tuesday, August 10, 2021

CRYPT MONARCH ~ The Necronaut (Album of the Month July 2021)

Trying to work out an 'Album of the Month' is pretty difficult especially when you listen to so much and embrace so many different styles and genres. This month has been slightly different though. In spite of all the excellent albums that July has birthed, 'The Necronaut' by Costa Ricans Crypt Monarch has hoisted its immense bulk head and shoulders above the rest. It's the guitar tone that's done it for me, moist and saturated in so much fuzz that if you could squeeze each track, gelatinous riffs would drip through your fingers. I like my doom in all its various forms and there is a surprising amount of diversity out there but if I could become Frankenstein for a day and mould together various bloated doom body parts, it would evolve into the corpulent stoner doom entity that Crypt Monarch has become.

As you would expect, 'The Necronaut' isn't a rollercoaster ride, instead, saddle up this Jurassic monolith and let the droning momentum take you where it will.

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