Thursday, November 25, 2021

OPHIS ~ Spew Forth Odium ( Album Of The Month October 2021)

20 years on and Ophis, the Greek word for snake, like a dark cloud drifting across a full moon, has lost none of its ability to bring forth gloom where there was once light.Six lamentations of morose doom death contagion shroud the new album Spew Forth Odium in a sallow, sickly pallor.Six Pallbearers hunched under a leaden casket

Ophis occupies the middle ground of funereal doom with leanings toward Evoken but without the chilling misty layer of keyboards, and My Dying Bride minus the black lace veiled riffs of the band from West Yorks. Instead, Ophis delivers a more straightforward (viral) strain of doom, the tracks are lengthy and varied and the guitars are in the main full and heavy, matching a punishing rhythm section and, of course, carried along by the obligatory growling vocal delivery.

Recommended ~ Each song seamlessly blends funeral paced heavy with dark disconsolate melody. 

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