Monday, December 13, 2021

DREADBEGGAR ~ Sludgefuck Blues (2021)

Sludge from the UK mixed thick and nasty. What I love about 'Sludgefuck Blues' is the fact that somehow Dreadbeggar manages to move its bloated carcass into some kind of groove, it leaves a pretty loathsome stain on the floor though. The guitar tone is perfect for this type of music, tuned low with a slight dissonant, grainy sound pierced by alternating harsh and guttural vocals and backed up by a pummelling rhythm section.

'Sludgefuck Blues' isn't all slow 'n' sloppy. The track 'Misery Reciprocated' sounds almost jaunty in its anger and 'Torment Addiction' has a brief guitar solo that fights to make itself heard among the ensuing carnage but by and large, 'Sludgefuck Blues' is like a slap across the head by a large, heavy, slimy thing. Start up the EP and you're entering a House of Horrors, The further in you venture, the more frightening it gets. The damndest thing is though, you can't help but smile.

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