Monday, January 31, 2022

HUMAN HARVEST ~ Flesh Sermons (2022)

Listen to any album featuring Jonny Pettersson and Jon Rudin of  Wombbath among many others, and you can be pretty certain that your eardrums are in for a harrowing test of endurance. Thankfully, the gruesome twosome's latest incarnation Human Harvest doesn't disappoint. Flesh Sermons is a merciless abominate of mutated grind and Swedish death metal. The duo's utter disdain of the Human Race permeates every garrotted chord struck and drumhead demolished, spattered by gargolyan bile spewed from Petterssons throat. Its a thoroughly savage, relentless album made great by the many breakdowns that steamroll right through your head. These aren't your usual breakdowns where everything slows down into chunks of riffery, instead the tracks accelerate to insane velocity without losing their mass of  bloodied matter.

Prepare to be culled!

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