Monday, February 21, 2022

KYLMYYTEEN ~ Yö istui viereeni (2022)

Another funeral doom project from the guys of Hiljaisuus vajoaa, along similar lines but keeping the experimental side of things at arms length. I've just finished listening to this huge four tracker back to back and I feel like I've spent an eternity of loneliness.

Yö istui viereeni ( The Night Sat Beside Me ) the new album from Finnish band Kylmyyteen has to be one of the most morose albums I've heard in years, guitars weep in anguish, drum and bass form a rhythm section of abject sorrow, the four long and extremely slow tracks melded by heartache and a longing for the ultimate finality of consciousness. Abyssal riffs heave themselves through the gloom, swathed in dejection.

Yö istui viereeni is more of a wake than an album, revelling in the pain of endless grief  and eternal loss and I'll put it up against any of the classic albums of this genre for the sheer sense of foreboding it exudes. 


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