Wednesday, April 19, 2023

ANTICHRIST ~ Pax Moriendi (2018)

Peruvian funeral doom / death, short on the usual ambient experimentation that usually puts me off this type of music, high on slow punishing riffs of immense depth that has the opposite effect. Pax Moriendi opens with 'Forgotten In Nameless Suffering' a hugely despondent track starting with chilling keyboards before it slowly blooms into a slothful dirge that makes you feel as though you've just received a death sentence with no hope of reprieve. The overall arrangement of the album reminds me of The Funeral Orchestra or Catacombs mixed with Rigor Sardonicus and a dash of Evoken added here and there. The doom/death element sits firmly in the mid 90's of raw uncompromising bands whose names usually ended in 'ium but Antichrist are at their colossal best when the tempo drops to near comatose.

Listen to Pax Moriendi and watch all of your hopes and dreams crumble before your eyes.

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