Thursday, May 11, 2023

PRONOSTIC ~ Chaotic Upheaval (2023)

Highly complex, technical Canadian death metal and that description just scratches the surface because this quality album reaches for the throat in all directions. I normally try to make my reviews short, almost 'blurb' like, but there's so much going on in Chaotic Upheaval that its going to be an impossible task, but here goes anyway. 

There are many forms of death metal and the Cannibal Corpse strain this is not, but fear not because Pronostic takes brutality, chops it up, dices and slices it then puts it back together into a pummelling extreme metal jigsaw, the top notch production enabling the listener absorb the various components that make this album sound exceptional. There are so many facets of  Chaotic Upheaval that would normally turn the Neanderthal in me away. I don't normally listen to symphonic death metal, keyboards in death metal switch me off especially classical piano and don't mention saxophone in any metal album unless its Hawkwind's 'Space Ritual' but I found myself enthralled by how Pronostic managed to combine all of these elements, propelled by a Gojira like mood of savage aggression, without the album falling apart into complete chaos.

Give yourself plenty of time to fully appreciate the musicianship that has gone into this album, then go listen to it again and again in order to appreciate it even more each time.

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