Saturday, July 29, 2023

TUMULATION ~ Haunted Funeral Creations (2023)

Tumulation is something of a supergroup consisting of members of bands wallowing in the lower regions of the 'Filth Pit' such as Conjureth, Messial, Sarcosium, Decrepitaph and more! regurgitatting repulsive Death/Doom harking back to the glory days of the early 90's. There are no frills with Haunted Funeral Creations, each track is fully immersed in a nightmarish vision of final judgement not just relying on the tried and trusted Death/Doom formula, instead, agonisingly stretching the pain into Funeral Doom and even tenuously, grind territory creating various layers of depravity. Modern recording methods enhance the overall claustrophobic atmosphere of the album, enhancing an aura of foreboding that bleeds through the clotted pores of each seething track.

For fans of: Autopsy, Winter, Blood Incantation, Hooded Menace, Paradise Lost, Incantation

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