Monday, October 23, 2023

WARCRAB ~ The Howling Silence (2023)

The devastatingly heavy new album by Warcrab. An unstoppable mix of rampaging death metal fused with thick sludge creating a morass of lawless rage. There are seven intense tracks on The Howling Silence, thickset deathsludge riffs that require restraint in a straitjacket before they cause irreparable damage, mixed with dense weighty (im)pure sludge. 

The final track 'Howling Silence' clocks in at over ten minutes. Now I love long tracks providing it's reasonably varied but far too often I end up disappointed because most of them peter out halfway through in a mash up of ambient nonsense. Not this track. It starts off slowly but progresses into a monstrous example of how to mould various genres of extreme metal into a single fearsome entity.

For fans of: Bolt Thrower, Crowbar, Eyehategod, 71TonMan, The Dead 

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