Wednesday, November 8, 2023

LACRA ~ Denial (2023)

When you've been immersed in underground metal for a long time, there are certain areas of the globe that hold a special place above all others. For me, Finland rules the roost when it comes to old school doom/death, The UK revels in hateful, noisy sludge with Iron Monkey being ground zero, while  Italy dominates the occult, 70's style doom sound. Throw Chile in the equation for some of the heaviest sludge/doom around championed by bands such as Sangria, Bicefalo and Ocultum. Now you can add Lacra to that esteemed list. The EP  'Denial' clocks in at around 25 minutes of some of the heaviest music out there, with riffs that, if they were human, would be categorised as morbidly obese. There are no rules being broken here, throughout the EP the band never deviates from its path of total destructive inertia. Crushing is a word used way too often to describe the heaviest of songs but I can't think of  a better word to describe the overwhelming mass of sound grinding you into the dirt.

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