Friday, May 24, 2024

ANOINTING THE SICK #215 ~ Amplification Addict


The Anointing The Sick Show feeds your addiction to extreme music on Halo Of The Goat Radio. Uk deathsludgsters Warcrab who released one of my albums of the year in 2023 open the show. Inbetween your tinnitus is tickled by thrash, death, sludge and doom bands until the final closer by retro rockers Stygian Fair. The filth pit has spewed forth a couple of grindcore / powerviolence tracks by Closet Witch.

Feed your Amplification Addiction by listening to ~


Kill The King

Carnal Tomb

Black Knife


As The Palaces Burn

Closet Witch

Ananda Mida


Ghost Keeper


Macabre Demise

Infinity Ritual


Stygian Fair

Anointing The Sick Plays On Halo Of The Goat Radio each Saturday @ 2pm mst/3pm cst/4pm est 9pm uk listen here or here

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