Thursday, June 27, 2024

ANOINTING THE SICK #218 ~ Behind The Temple Doors

 After last week's black metal special, Anointing The Sick is back with a 'normal' show hosted by Halo Of The Goat Radio. Starting with the industrial tinged death of Infection Code, I'm treading the usual hazardous path of thrash, doom and 3 bands I pulled wriggling from the filth pit. Yersin, Severed Arm and Crypt Jaintor. The label spotlight falls on High Roller Records with 3 tracks from the various Sortilage reissues from last year.

Tickle Your Tinnitus with ~

Infection Code

Foetal Juice



Holy Nothing

Ritual King

Nail Within

Furnace Floor

Scent Of Death




Severed Arm

Crypt Jaintor

Anointing The Sick plays on Halo of the Goat Radio~ This show starts every Saturday @ 2pm mst/3pm cst/4pm est 9pm uk listen here

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