Sunday, March 3, 2019

EARTHWORM ~ Demo (2017)

Starts off with a blast of feedback like all good sludge albums should. Kind of straddles the middle ground between the dragging a corpse across the road, tortured type of sound that Grief used to churn and the sick, drug crazed groove of Eyehategod. One of the main things I dig about this demo is the flow of the tracks, aided and abetted by the weight of the droning riffs that add a momentum that only a glacial shift could match.

Favourite track is difficult to call as I love them all but 'Call Of The Void' might just snatch it due to its relentless pounding and sickly groove.

Sound quality, particularly for a demo is top notch, ensuring the heaviness is rammed straight down your throat. Fucking choke on those droning sludge riffs!

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