Monday, March 25, 2019

ELECTRIC MARY ~ Mother (2019)

Electric Mary ~ Aus

Look, when I first posted this album on Facebook I described it as Led Zep worship and I still stand by that........partially. The first seconds of the opener 'Gimme Love' gives testimony to that, but on repeat listens it dawned on me that there is also a fundamental difference between 'Mother' and the bands previous studio full length III. Now, the sleaze of Guns N' Roses has seeped into the majority of the songs making 'Mother' sound like a dirty little secret. This album rocks hard, it rolls and funks its ass. It grooves itself into a frenzy turning you into a twitching marionette with a vitality and verve aided and abetted by an exemplary mix injecting each track right into the bloodstream like a shot of adrenaline. 

My favourite track on the album is ' Long, Long Day' This track may be the most melodic on the record but its broody in a way that only Alice In Chains could consistently muster. You may have noticed that I've mentioned some pretty big hitting bands as a comparison, but with 'Mother'  Electric Mary has demonstrated that this is a band on the top of its game and must surely dive straight into the big league, if they aren't already there.

Deathrattle Podcast is usually known for favouring the heaviest music structurally possible, but sometimes instead of listening to riffs that drive you to your knees in stupefaction, you need to listen to something that you can close your eyes to and nod your head with a huge shit eating grin adorning it. You wouldn't go too far wrong by choosing Mother to do it to.

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