Wednesday, April 17, 2019

DUSKWOOD ~ The Long Dark (2019)

Duskwood ~ The Long Dark

Formed in 2012, Duskwood are a 4 piece desert/stoner rock band from Yeovil (UK).

'The Long Dark' is part 1 of a 3 EP saga telling the story of a space cowboy travelling alone through space and time observing and documenting large planets, lifeforms and structures. Their main influence are Kyuss 1000Mods, The Sword and Black Sabbath."

The first thing that strikes you when you finish listening to all four tracks on this EP is the shift in style from the 2016 released 'Desert Queen' album. Gone is the desiccated hard driving Kyuss style in favour of the fatter, hazy, lazy, weighed down with fuzz, drifting in orbit style of Samsara Blues Experiment. Psychedelic trippiness is locked within a space vacuum fuelled by booming stoner doom riffs of interplanetary proportions.

This is a truly excellent EP and I can't wait to hear about the further exploits of the space cowboy.

The Bandcamp link is for 'Desert Queen' as 'The Long Dark' won't be available until 20th April.

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