Sunday, April 7, 2019

ELECTRIC FUNERAL ~ Death, Cult And Serpent (2018)

Electric funeral

Five rites of initiation, a Eucharist to the dark side of the doom scene.

As the name of the band suggests, there is more of a nod towards Black Sabbath, the riffs are thick with viscous, moist fuzz, however, in keeping with the style of a lot of doom bands from the Far East, there is more of an antagonistic pulse that permeates throughout this album and contradicts the Gregorian invocations of Satanic scripture particularly from the opening track.

In fact there are many contradictions on Death, Cult and Serpent. On one track Gothic timbre from an organ vies with the delicate vibes from Tingsha bells. The biggest surprise however, comes in the form of the final track and my favourite on the album 'The Offering) Conqueror Worm (The Aftermath). This track is a total departure from the punishing occult doom that takes up most of the album. Its a song of glorious spacey, blues flecked jams that encapsulates both 'Planet Caravan' and 'The Warning'
in 18 minutes of meditative contemplation.

Death, Cult and Serpent is an album that should be persecuted, tried, then burned at the stake.

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