Sunday, May 5, 2019

An Interview with Louie Anyos, Guitarist with LIGHTBULB VAPORIZER

Lightbulb Vaporizer is a psych jam band from Vancouver, British Colombia. I've been featuring their jams on the Podcast for a couple of years. The band has recently released an album simply titled 'Three' so I thought I'd catch up with the band's guitarist and supporter of the 'cast Louie Anyos to see grab more of an insight into what makes him tick.

Hi Louie, thanks for taking some time out to talk to us. We'll be discussing your new album 'Three' but before we delve into it can you tell us how the band came about and why the name Lightbulb Vaporizer?

" The band was originally A 2 piece improve let-er rip type band with no intention of ever
recording or playing live. I made a lightbulb vaporizer at work and thought if we (the band) took
a hit off it we would surely come up with a good band name or at least jam really well.Turns out
both worked in our favour, we had a  great jam and a band name. The vaporizer is still apart of the
band now."

The new album 'Three' sounds heavier than anything you've ever done before, was it a conscious decision before you started recording?

"We never really have a game plan when it comes to recording, We just know what each other
brings to the table. People who know us know we are 100% improv. The only difference with
this album is we did some overdubs like Guitar solos and made bass lines. That’s why it is heavier than our last efforts."

I noticed that you'd left Bandcamp

"We just needed a change, plus we are available on all other platforms"

For the techies out there, what gear does the band use?

"We are very fortunate to have decent gear to do our craft. Vic (drummer) uses mainly Yamaha
and Zildjian Cymbals. Will John (bass) uses.... the fuck if I know what he uses for bass never really
looked! He is a really good Guitar player and slide player also. Teddy Bass ( keyboards) uses
some signature series stuff which I can’t remember but it sounds fucking amazing, and he uses"vintage keys. And last I use the standard stuff Gibson, Fender and National. My amp is a Matchless amplification out of California"

Who influenced you to start playing the guitar?

"My dad who was my biggest fan and inspiration, Ace Frehley and Jimmy Page."

The band is based in Vancouver, any other bands from there we should be looking out for?

"Well not really....  two are from Vancouver, one is from Surrey and I live in Port Alberni B.C.
which is about 4 hours from everyone else. Makes rehearsals have to be very well planned, Ha!
rehearsals that’s funny! As for bands to look out for I would say Blackwater Burial,
LaChinga, Bog, Goalers, West Of Hell, Nine O'Clock Gun, and Chris Andres who is old school
country. Just to name a few."

louie, thank you so much for this insight, is there anything else you'd like to add?

"I feel very honoured to be on your first Email interview and hope you keep helping and
discovering new talent through your show. A HUGE THANK YOU for supporting Lightbulb
Vaporizer over the years!"

You can listen to the new album 'Three' here

Or here

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