Thursday, May 2, 2019

SEPOLCRO ~ Amorphous Mass (2019)


"Abyssal Death Metal Inspired by the legends of the Necronomicon"  ~ Sepolcro

Death metal, like most other genres of music, takes on many forms,whether it be technical, melodic, gothic, enveloped in 'The Swedish dm sound' or the unhindered brutality of bands such as Deicide or Cannibal Corpse. Sepolcro has embraced maybe the most extreme form... The Rigor Sardonicous brand of impenetrable mulch. Tuned so low that you'd strain your neck looking up to see the nethermost layer of Hell, this ep literally heaves itself from track to track such is their unbearable weight.

The intro to the opening track 'The Malevolent Mist' a duet between a baleful tolling bell and howling winds, forewarns of the coming of four malevolent blood rituals of pustulent abhorrence, dense, dank and dripping with malignancy. 

Amorphous Mass' is entering the slaughterhouse,stepping on offal bursting with blood, shit and mucus and revelling in the carnage.

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