Wednesday, August 28, 2019

HUMAN HATE - Eternal Torture - Doomed and Live - Ep 2019

Human Hate is

Thales Gory ~ Guitarbass/vocals
Davi ~ Vocals
ET ~ Drums

This EP begins with what sounds like someone's last breath while strapped to an electric chair, or it could be someone stretched on a rack, either way, the pain never ends throughout this malicious, hateful selection of five implements of torture. One by one, each track inflicts endless agonies and eventually you're gonna crack under the onslaught of dense unforgiving sludge/doom, dropped so low even hells minions will be watching these riffs pass by.....slowly. To make matters even more uncomfortable, it sounds as if the band has recruited a couple of garrotte victims to handle vocals,adding to the aura of malignant putridity that permeates every putrescine riff.

Sounds too horrible to contemplate? Well actually, no. The songs are well structured in their way and the sound, although a little raw, is thick and the tracks are damnably heavy reminding me of Primitive Man mixed with a little Accept Death. 

To sum up, 'Eternal Torture -Doomed and Live' is like being partnered with a bloated corpse during a three-legged race. You just have to close your eyes and nostrils, suck it up  and go with it and, like me find out that it was worth the effort in the end!!

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