Monday, August 5, 2019

SAWLUNG ~ Wounding 2019

Sawlung ~ Wounding

It was the 'doomviolence' tag that attracted me to 'Wounding' in the first instance. Got me all curious, I mean, I love doom but lets face it, it can become a little monotonous, lethargic and kind of samey, for all but the most biased of doomsters. Well I can report back that 'doomviolence' is twisted, spiteful, ominous and downright awesome. The Black Sabbath legacy has mutated  into a new life form, reanimated into a creature more resembling Fistula and Buzzoven

Sawlung have come a long way since 2016's self titled release. Riffs have more heft which adds to the discomfort particularly when twinned with vocals tainted with bile, making  'Wounding'  an uneasy listening experience especially when adding it's unpredictability. It's like standing next to a withdrawing addict, you don't know what's going to happen, only that its going to be unpleasant.

Buy this album. Its heavy, angry and definitely not lethargic. Doomviolence could well be my new favourite genre.

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