Thursday, December 19, 2019

NIGHT GOAT ~ Milk [2019]


Pockmarked punk corrupted with sludge, backed up by ferocious vocals from Julia Bentley that leave you feeling as though your face has been rubbed remorselessly in gravel. The album 'Milk' has been branded with a 'noise rock' tag which to me usually means chaotic but this release is superbly structured, the band reeling in their NIGHTSTICK type dirges at just the right time and for just the right length of time, like the track 'Chubby Leech' with its crusty RATM like chorus. 

'Milk' is a damn raucous record full of spite and vitriol, the bands punk roots laid out for all to hear but what makes this album a winner with me is the level of maturity the band possesses by mixing up the rabid punk attitude with good old sludge density, its a pretty toxic combination.

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