Wednesday, December 4, 2019

PARIAHLORD ~ [Demo] 2019


Carsten Schmitt ~ Guitar/Vocals
Jan Kurtze ~ Bass
Philipp Röttgers ~ Drums


These three guys were initially part of the band CANADIAN INDIAN SUMMER. Individually, their musical tastes range from punk to prog rock, metal to pop. PARIAHLORD, the brainchild of Carsten Schmitt, leans in a stoner direction, taking in influences from KYUSS, STONED JESUS but also A PERFECT CIRCLE.

(Very) occasionally you find about a release, or, in the case of PARIAHLORD, a collection of songs by pure chance, either by continuously scouring the Internet or by knowing the right people. It was a message from Mel Lie of Doomed and Stoned who brought these guys to my attention. She asked me to listen to the songs on Soundcloud and tell her who I thought they sounded like. First up was "Black Rock Desert" and MONOLORD  sprang to mind instantly, not a clone, but the comparison is definitely there. The other aspect of the three tracks I've heard so far is the quality of the recording. All three tracks are full in your face and its obvious that these guys have taken a lot of time over sound quality in order to convey the depth these multi layered riffs contain. All three songs are wrapped in a fuzzy haze which, when unwrapped reveal a desiccated, desert rock crunch.

Thank you Mel Lie for giving me the opportunity to say, when these guys get their recording contract, " I knew about them from the beginning"

Three Dudes. Heavy Riffs. Melodic Tunes.

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