Wednesday, September 29, 2021

XENOSIS ~ Paralleled Existence (2021)

Paralleled Existence is the 4th album from Connecticut deathsters Xenosis and continues the tech death evolution of Devour and Birth ( 2018). Staccato riffs scuttle among frenzied passages of hugely complex yet intense song structures, often morphing into punishing brutality before being torn apart again and again.

So much is going on in this album. I've listened several times and I'm still coming to grips with how Xenosis has managed to combine technical death metal wizardry with mind expanding progressiveness and yet somehow keep those hooks leaden as bent and twisted as they sound. There are eight tracks on Paralleled Existence, each one sounding only vaguely familiar from the last, all eight a nexus of death metal styles creating an atmosphere of delirious mania from which there is no escape from the turmoil. 

Paralleled Existence is Xenosis' musical version of 'Alice Through The Looking Glass,' a warped, illogical nightmare. 

Deathrattle Podcast recommends Paralleled Existence ~ Highly technical, progressive death that doesn't detract from the overall brutality of the album.

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