Thursday, October 7, 2021

STHENO ~ Wardance (2021)

Wardance is the 2nd album by Greek band Stheno. I stopped listening to it a minute or two ago and my heart has just about slowed to it's normal rate but my eyeballs are still rattling around my skull. You'll see many references to the band being under the banner of blackened grindcore but to my admittedly tinnitus affected ears, Wardance is essentially a manic, rabid, old school black metal album in which the band has deviated from the blasphemous anti Christian ravings of many of its peers in favour of  war obsessed subject matter. 

The album opener 'Bestial Batallion' begins with an air raid siren warning of approaching danger before the carpet bombing, aided by staccato, military style drumming begins the onslaught,shrapnel flying in all directions There's nothing technical about Wardance, Stheno's only objective is scorched earth policy with no prisoners taken, keeping things simple but remaining vicious all through the album.

The final track is called 'Bellum Internecinum' and this is what you've signed up to if you purchase this record.....a war of mutual extermination.

Recommended ~ Uncomplicated blackened devastation.

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