Sunday, July 31, 2022

DEATHRATTLE PODCAST ~ Dirty Dozen (June 2022)

June 2022 bucked the usual trend with Thrash dominating my top 12 at the expense of death metal and stoner pushing doom to the nether reaches of this months 'Dirty Dozen'

Dirty Dozen for June '22

                                                       RED SUN ATACAMA ~ Darwin

French fuzzheads trio formed in 2015.Worshippers of the Sun, the Sound and the Holy Riff.

 ENTRAILS ~ An Eternal Time of Decay

Swedish Death Metal since 1990, may the HM-2 be with you!


we play lound catchy music pulling inspiration from bands like queens of the stone age, elder, and high on fire

RANCOR ~ Bury the World

4th album of this killer spanish band that plays an intense Thrash Metal in its purest form, blending aggressive riffing with a great sense of melody creating memorable songs dragging varied influences that might remind you to bands like VIO-LENCE, OVER KILL, SLAYER, old METALLICA, TESTAMENT, early ANNIHILATOR and the Bay Area sound.

FORMIS ~ Pogromca

Death/Thrash metal from Poland


Get your head right.
Intricate meditations and heavy riffs.

AAWKS ~ Heavy on the Cosmic

AAWKS is the product of four acid casualties united by a love for high fantasy, psychedelics and heavy rock music


Psychedelic tinged heavy grooves from the mystical realms of Somerset in England


Death Doom Metal from Norwich, UK

CRIPTODONTE ~ Días grises

Sludge /doom from Argentina

OREYEON ~ Equations for the Useless

Stoner/Doom from Italy

ATARAXY ~ The Last Mirror

 From discomforting vocals and eerie leads to the monstrous guitar riffs and contorted bass backed up by some truly hard-hitting drum work, everything works in unison yet slightly out of sync to bring you further into the nightmare of “The Last Mirror”.

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