Sunday, July 10, 2022

RAINBOW BRIDGE - Live at La Cittadella degli Artisti (2022)

I have to admit to being somewhat picky when it comes to buying 'live' albums these days, the sound quality has to be impeccable or as near as damn it, but I always make an exception with bands like Rainbow Bridge. Not that the sound is bad or anything, it isn't but Live at La Cittadella degli Artisti has that certain 'grittiness' that is essential for blues rock bands that are Rainbow Bridge's trademark jams. Coming across as a mix of Hendrix and Rory Gallagher, Live at La Cittadella degli Artisti captures a live setting in all it's flawed glory, intimate yet raw, you can hear sweat dripping onto rough, beer soaked floorboards. Caustic lead guitar cuts, scratches and tears through the incessant throbbing of the rhythm section before lying together, sated, in a  post coital crescendo.

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