Sunday, February 12, 2023

DEATHRATTLE PODCAST - Dirty Dozen (Jan 2023)



The first Doom Charts of the year is now available to peruse and five of my personal picks made the list. Here is my 'Dirty Dozen for January '23

TRIBUNAL - The Weight Of Remembrance ( Doom Charts#22)

"... beguiling in its beauty, hypnotic with sinful perversion. This is pure blood funeral doom leaving most other bands of this type in its thrall." ~ Deathrattle Podcast 

TIDAL WAVE - Lord Knows ( Doom Charts #1 )

"...riffs so lush that you’ll not only want to headbang to but also give a great big hug." ~ Deathrattle Podcast

ANZILLU - Ex Nihilo

" whose sound is punctuated by buzz-saw guitar riffs delivered with equal amounts of dexterous shredding and pummeling anthemic brute force"


"Tomb Absolute" is a colossal slab of grim and hopeless death metal evoking bleak and pessimistic visions of a doomed future to come, and stirring with bitter reflections about mental illnesses," 

CONJURETH - The Parasitic Chambers

"Death Metal in the ways of old."

DAEVAR - Delirious Rites ( Doom Charts#16 )

"...the worshipper follows the ghostly-enticing female hand molded from magical-esoteric, sphinx-voice-breath into a pleasurable-tormenting doom scenario of lead-heavy, punchy guitar riffs, deep thudding bass and elementally punching drums.~ SUNDAY‘s HEAVY TUNES

IDLEGOD - Nightmare

" Italian sludge/doom"

RE - BURIED - Repulsive Nature

"Death Metal USA"

DREAD WITCH - Tower Of The Severed Serpent ( Doom Charts #25 )

"Six tracks of skin crawling doom sludge aural abuse, crushing the megalith with riffs of gravitational force and neutronium density." ~Deathrattle Podcast

FAITHXTRACTOR - Contempt For A Failed Dimension

"Faithxtractor was spawned by Ash Thomas in 2005 with the sole intention of playing savage Death Metal as an assault on the pathetic meat puppet human race"

TURBID NORTH - The Decline

"Written during some of the bleaker periods in the band's lifespan, the album sees a darker and more aggressive sound added to the formula. "

DESTRONOMER - The Two Horns ( Doom Charts #39 )

"Eight tracks of fuzz laden heavy riffs and manic melodicism from this driven 3 piece from Sydney."

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