Tuesday, February 7, 2023

DEVISER ~ Evil Summons Evil (2023)

I normally shy away from reviewing albums by black metal bands because I'm extremely picky about the genre and don't get excited unless the album is full of speed driven thrash fuelled riffs, steps into death metal influenced brutality, or wanders into the face of  doom laden sorrow. So why am I reviewing 'Evil Summons Evil' by long standing Greek metallers Deviser when it's none of those things? 

It's because Deviser has harkened back to the old ways of pure black metal but instead of weak production and tinny rasping guitars which put me off the scene in the first place, the band has re-emerged after some time away with an album of modern sounding, mid tempo, black metal darkness enhanced by a robust mix. I'm fascinated how the band can create a collection of metal tracks that sound melodic yet still pays homage to Satan, spiteful and giving evidence of their occult roots with a gothic twist to the sound. Evil Summons Evil is an album layered with symphonic drama and Lovcraftian hatred.

For fans of: Rotting Christ, Septicflesh, Dissection, Melechesh, Moonspell

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