Friday, March 17, 2023

DEATHRATTLE PODCAST ~ Dirty Dozen February 2023

The twelve albums  I contributed to the Doom Charts as my 'best of' list. As usual the 'Dirtry Dozen was mainly dominated by doom and death metal but this month had more of an influx of stoner albums and even a couple of hard/heavy rock releases. The Filth Pit also provided me with one of my albums of the month 'Repulsie Post Mortem by Putrid

BONE WEAPON - Thrive Or Starve
"Death/doom that never deviates from its sole purpose of asphyxiation by claustrophobic filth"~ Deathrattle Podcast

WARP - Bound By Gravity (#11 Feb Doom Charts)
"Colossal  stoner/doom aided by a fantastic mix that swells the sound like a dying sun. Deep, sonorous riffs are lacerated by crystalline licks." ~ Deathrattle Podcast

TRAMALIZER - Fumes Of Funeral Pyres
"There's no room to breathe with this rabid slice of Finnish death metal. Devastating death metal filled with churning riffs and wailing leadwork thats sounds like a spoiled brat clinging to its mothers skirt tails."~ Deathrattle Podcast

PÉ ROTO - Tormento
"Destructive Portuguese doom/sludge with added dissonance to the riffs for maximum aural distress. Tormento is an album swollen with bloat, (very) slowly decomposing as you listen to a heaving groove struggling under its own obese weight. The sludge laden depth of these songs are boundless in their extremity, remorseless in their depravity, colossal shambling structures of doom."~ Deathrattle Podcast

DRUG MOTHER - Rise Witch (#32 Feb Doom Charts)
"We're a down tempo'd stoner rock band from Newcastle Australia."

STREET TOMBS - Reclusive Decay
"Reclusive Decay" features six tracks of thrashing Death Metal / Punk freshly ripped from the grave

OLD MINE UNIVERSE - This Vast Array (#22 Feb Doom Charts)
"This is a fantastic album from a band with hard rock in its heart and stoner blues in its soul." ~ Deathrattle Podcast

JUST BEFORE DAWN - Battle Sight Zeroing
"Mid Tempo destruction is our middle name!"

PUTRED - Repulsie Post - Mortem
"Death Metal band from Transylvania, Romania."

ATOMWINTER - Sakrilege
"It's the same crusty doom/death grisliness as previous releases but this time it's all about the death metal riff. Brutality and filth still prevails but Sakrileg is the fastest album the band has yet written despite being weighed down with pustules and scabs.
This album will make even the leprous headbang. " ~ Deathrattle Podcast

ETA LUX - High And Low (#7 Feb Doom Charts)
"High And Low, the third full-length album from these four-piece, North German sandstorm riders, is an absolute treat for longing craving stoner-rock souls from back then as well as today!" ~ Sunday's Heavy Tunes

BLACKWULF - Thieves And Liars (#9 Feb Doom Charts)
"I don’t always need crazy experimentation or mold breaking on all my records; sometimes I just want straight ahead heaviness with riffs for days, killer guitar work, and just a kick ass rock swagger that oozes with its pores, like what we get from Thieves and Liars. You get all of that plus their greatest song yet, Psychonaut Edge Of Light, making this the band’s best album till date." ~ Musipedia Of Metal

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