Monday, October 25, 2021

CROP ~ Crop (2021)

 I've always had a soft spot for Kentucky, it's a conveyor belt for awesome underground band after awesome underground band and I'm extremely happy to report that the band Crop continues that fine tradition with their new album simply entitled 'Crop'

The band has tagged itself as experimental on Bandcamp which is something that usually leaves me with a sense of trepidation but the term 'experimental' here means a mish mash of Southern style blues held together by a clag of sludge then held over a flame until charred and crispy. The vocal delivery works perfectly with this type of metal scarred blues, pained but not screaming as to drown out the slow moonshine saturated groove that abounds throughout this album. 'Crop' never really crawls above a snails pace, in fact the final track Na closes out the album in a wave of caustic doom. Pick away at the fuzz and delve among the various barbed riffs on this album and you will come across hints of drug addled melody with hints of anguish like a user desperate for a fix but unable to find a dealer.

Recommended ~ An original slant on a tried and tested sludge formula and the band has succeeded perfectly.

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