Thursday, October 21, 2021

DARK REDEEMER ~ Into The Deep Black ( September Album of the Month )

 In 2018 the Italian band Aleph was put to rest, staked through the heart and buried in unconsecrated ground but now the band has risen, more terrifying than before.Whereas Aleph, as brutal as that band was concentrated on a more oppressive atmospheric form of death metal, Dark Redeemer is pure death metal coming across as the bastard child of Entombed and Skeletal Spectre so don't assume that 'Into The Deep Black'  is just another HM2 clone because Dark Redeemer has reincarnated into a chainsaw wielding slayer, riffs shredding flesh and bone into bloody chunks.

Italian extreme metal is synonymous with a love of adding keyboards into the mix and Dark Redeemer carries on that tradition with unobtrusive organ moaning like a lost soul in the background giving this album an extra layer of gothic creepiness with a dank zombified atmosphere split between a '28 days later' frenzy and the catatonic shuffle of 'Night of the Living Dead'

RECOMMENDED ~ The creepy atmosphere adds an extra dimension to a tried and trusted death metal sound.

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