Monday, August 22, 2022

CHEMICAL CRUCIFIXION ~ Chemical Crucifixion ( 2022 )

When a band consists of members that have (dis)graced the likes of Iron Monkey, Cerebral Fix, Ravens Creed and Fistula, you can be sure that this self titled album by Chemical Crucifixion is devoid of any comfort zone. If you manage to survive floods of pestilent grind, you'll eventually be dragged under by surges of  pock marked sludge, to be drowned in decaying breakdowns that have metastasized like tumours throughout. Chemical Crucifixion is bitter, hateful and no respecter of reputations evidenced by the bands tortured take on Celtic Frost's 'Cherry Orchards.' That great riff is still recognizable but mauled and tarnished into submission.

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