Friday, August 26, 2022

DEATHRATTLE PODCAST ~ Dirty Dozen (July 2022)


Deathrattle Podcasts 'Best Of' list for July 2022

Sons Of Arrakis

The formation is fairly influenced by the universe of the Dune novels written by Frank Herbert. The members describe their own music as Melange Rock and Cinematographic Sci-Fi Rock which differentiate them from "the vast sea of stoner rock bands with their lightning armor-piercing torpedo


Danish Death Metal

False Gods

False Gods is a unique blend of sludge/doom metal mixed with melodic noise and down-trodden hardcore.


"Pura Malum" is a hybrid of a new vision of the genre style and destructive old school death metal. Most of the songs are kept at a middle tempos, and there are also plenty of speedy and atmospheric slows down. Crushing riffs interspersed with melodic fragments create Patricide's music, opium-like and memorable, the lyrical layer is blasphemous hymns that form the philosophies of dark human nature.


Foothills combines, Death-Doom, Sludge and Melodic Hardcore to exhibit something seemingly accessable whilst challenging expectations of all the genres at once.

Behold! The Monolith

Grizzlier, rougher-hewn and more technically visceral than they’ve ever been.

Rainbow Bridge

A wall-of-sound between blues and electric psychedelia.

Thirteen Goats

THIRTEEN GOATS takes cues from some of extreme metal's most infamous names (Death, Carcass, Cannibal Corpse) to create a tongue-in-cheek blend of different genre hallmarks that's as hooky as it is heavy.


Death/Sludge Doom desde el norte de Chile.


 For the desert toned, riff based, heavy stoner rockers from Umea! 


Battlegrave is the result of two life long metalheads and great friends putting their minds together to create an aggressive Thrash sound

Existence Dysphoria

"Doom sludge savages"
"Pure filth"

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