Tuesday, August 16, 2022

CRUA - CHAN ~ Crua - Chan (2018)

I played a track from this album after it popped up on my iTUNES 'shuffle', it had been filed away and forgotten over the passage of time. As the track 'Resplandor' tore from my speakers, I took a glance at Crua - Chan's Bandcamp page to see if I'd missed any other releases and was amazed to find that the usual suspects you would normally rely on to discover the delights of albums such as this, are largely absent. Anyone who checks this album out, and surely you must, can expect their eardums to be spanked by rampant, quick fire stoner scraping away most of the fuzz, leaving a masticated hard rock foundation spitting out destructive passages of doom and thrashy sludge coiled in off kilter soloing that gives Crua - Chan their individual slant on what extreme music should sound like.