Monday, April 8, 2024

ANOINTING THE SICK #207 ~ A Dire Offering

Embrace The Sickness with The Anointing The Sick Show 'A Dire Offering'which slithers from the filth pit that is Halo Of The Goat Radio to deliver offerings of dire consequences to all who listen. The usual carnage ensues with some tasty jams among the decimation. The showpiece track is one of the most bleak and hateful tracks in my collection. It eventually descends into an insane schizo maelstrom, beware of this one. I've also included tracks from albums that you can get NYP on Bandcamp.

Offerings of dire consequences are delivered by ~

Blame Zeus

Rat King


Helms Deep



Iron Savior

Iron Tongue

Black Toast




Anointing The Sick plays on Halo of the Goat Radio~ This show starts every Saturday @ 2pm mst/3pm cst/4pm est 9pm uk listen here or here

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