Friday, April 19, 2024

ANOINTING THE SICK #211 ~ Sleep In Rictus Horror


Anointing The Sick is let out to play on Halo of the Goat Radio to present just over an hour of your favourite type of music. This week the label spotlight shines on Ripple Music with three tracks from Appalooza  Blood Lightning and Hippie Death Cult while, on the other end of the scale your worst nightmare comes true in the form of grim sludgsters Stomach.

This week check out tracks from~

Cult Burial

20 Watt Tombstone

Display Of Decay


Occult Hand Order

Lord Volture


Blood Lightning

Hippie Death Cult


Mother Magnetic

The Magpie



Anointing The Sick plays on Halo of the Goat Radio~ This show starts every Saturday @ 2pm mst/3pm cst/4pm est 9pm uk listen here or here

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