Thursday, April 18, 2024

CANNABUS ~ Other Side EP (2024)


2023's 'The Maple Spliff Sessions' was one of my top 12 albums of that year. I loved the fuzz, the groove, the reverb and wah, it was everything you'd want in a stoner record, so when I was given the opportunity to listen to the band's new EP I was both excited but slightly nervous, I mean, 'The Maple Spliff Sessions' is a tough act to follow. Well I'm happy to report that 'Other Side' has exceeded my expectations and then some. It's all there, fuzz, groove, reverb and wah but with a more cantankerous edge. The fuzz is still thick  but edged with barbs, pierced by blazing reverb and wah both shrieking in agony. 

With 'The Maple Spliff Sessions' Cannabus was a band born of lava lamps and bell bottoms, a (Canna)bus ride through sun and surf but 'Other Side' leaves those bell bottoms stained and the journey has taken a turn through darker landscapes.  

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