Sunday, November 17, 2019

CARDIEL ~ Aloha From Fuzz (EP 2017)

Blistering fuzzy, stoner metal from Mexico. This two piece creates a lot of noise that's innovative and, surprisingly for a pretty short EP, keeps you on your toes throughout its short, but rampant journey. CARDIEL are more than happy to confuse you with chameleon riffs that change hue from stoner, doom and even psychedelic tinged funk (dub) but don't let that put you off dear stoners because 'Aloha From Fuzz' is a blast from start to finish. I'm not sure how the band are going to incorporate all that's going on here into a full length without brain fry, but I'm really looking forward to the end result if/when it happens.

Kyuss on steroids!! ~ DEATHRATTLE PODCAST

Coctel de Gas 02:02
Antiglesia 04:06
Benzedrina 02:47

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