Friday, November 22, 2019

GREY BRAIN ~ Red Eyes [2019]


Look, we all know that sludge is pretty global, but the UK seems to have developed a particularly virulent strain over the years which has mutated over time, its DNA developing a pathogen of punk infused doom that brought plagues upon the world such as IRON MONKEY and RAGING SPEEDHORN. Well let me warn you, a new epidemic has been unearthed, point zero being South London and its called GREY BRAIN.

This particularly nasty infestation attacks the middle ear first creating a feeling of nausea,dizziness and extreme tinnitus type ringing. You then notice a sense of stupefaction as the brain is attacked, pain coming from within in waves before the projectile vomiting begins as the Cerebral Edema takes hold.

Four tracks of mammoth sludge and relentless heaviness. It won't get played on national radio, but those in the know are going to love this with a passion. It's underground music of course, but what I particularly love about this album is its simplicity. GREY BRAIN don't experiment with sound, they just want to play as heavy as possible. Don't get me wrong though, 'Red Eyes' is not monotonous, I've listened to it twice so far and was surprised by how quickly time went. Aural torture was never this much fun!!!

So we have the debut album from GREY BRAIN and it should carry a Government Health Warning on the cover. This sludge is terminal.

Words by Steve Woodier

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