Thursday, November 28, 2019

KHARYBDA ~ Каноны [2019]

KHARYBDA ~  Каноны

Bands tagged with a post-metal/hardcore banner tend to leave me cold, but boy oh boy was I glad to cut through the tags and out of curiosity checked this release out. What makes this record so good is that, yes, it has the aforementioned elements but balanced nicely against the blackish almost psych metal is the use of heavy doom passages. Many of these types of albums lean too much one way or the other, either too harsh sounding with heaviness diluted by pained vocals and rasping guitars or choked in experimental meddling, both of which will appeal to followers of both styles but will put a lot of potential listeners off because,well,its just not heavy enough.

KHARYBDA  has avoided this pitfall, balancing the heaving doom sections with their black hardcore twin perfectly. Unusually for an album of this type, each song flows with a majestic, yet menacing series of movements within. There is a dark subtlety rippling throughout the album, it doesn't conform to any particular structure, yes the quiet(er)bits are followed by the doomier parts, but not when you expect it, Каноны'
doesn't stick to any particular formula at all and I think that's what I like about this release the most

For a debut ' Каноны' is a remarkably mature and well thought out album. Its varied, well produced and the individuals in the band know how to play. A full length please!

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