Monday, November 18, 2019

UNCUT ~ From Blue [Full Album] 2019

"Hailing from Poitiers - France, Uncut have their roots deep in American rock. The trio comprised of Alexy Sertillange (vocals/bass guitar), Enzo Alfano (guitar) and Pablo Fathi (drums) spent their youth worshiping names like Page, Coverdale, Blackmore and Hendrix and today they pay homage to their musical heroes by masterfully blending some heavy rock riffs with some bluesy harmonies and a wild, vibrant drumming.

The power and energy of the band’s songs are best experienced on a live environment, where Uncut take the audience back to an age when rock music was heavy, energetic and downright infectious, without sounding like a mere retro trip." ~ Bio

I didn't know anything about this French band until it popped into my email a month ago, but on listening (several times which is unusual for me these days....too much music going on) I certainly won't forget them in a hurry. What a fantastic album 'From Blue' is. It rocks and rolls, grooves, spits out guitar licks throughout. Riffs are bottled up tight and greasy making you nod your head one second, sit back and absorb the emotion the next. Production and mixing is excellent and highlight the superb musicianship this band possesses.

There isn't too much information about the band out there, but after listening to this fantastic record, I foresee that this situation is going to change pretty soon.~ DEATHRATTLE PODCAST

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