Tuesday, November 26, 2019



DOOMSDAY DEMENTIA belong to the 'slacker' school of sludge, loose, low slung riffs with a fantastic blend of groove and crust, doom and death, literally everything your parents worried about when they found out you'd turned to the metal dark side. A lot of [2018] reminds me of NEGATIVE REACTION without the distinctive vocal style of Ken .E. Bones.

What appeals to me most about this album is that despite the extreme nature of the genres within, it always sounds accessible, that's down to the band embracing the 'Sabbath' sound, each track rattling around at mid to fastish pace. I'd forgotten how enjoyable the whole listening experience is until it materialized on my iTUNES shuffle function.

I checked for up to date information on the band and was surprised at how little there was out there, this great little EP definitely deserves more attention.

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